From the “great ways to get out of jury duty”  and the “stroke of luck” departments comes this…

rom the NY Daily News:

A grand juror was charged yesterday with fondling himself in Brooklyn Federal Court’s jury assembly room, authorities said.

Edwin Ng was caught in the lewd act by a courthouse employee stocking a vending machine, authorities said. She alerted U.S. marshals, who immediately busted Ng. The juror was on a break at the time.

Ng, 38, of Brooklyn, who is unemployed, was issued summonses for disorderly conduct, public lewdness and destruction of government property – the room’s green carpet. He was discharged from jury duty.

The city is taking this quite seriously. I hear they’ve even called in the elite ”BCRSRCT” (Bill Clinton Rapid Semen Response Cleanup Team) to get rid of the mess quietly and quickly before anyone notices.


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