Press Release: Rep. Harold Ford Jr. Wins Today’s DICK Award


Rep. Harold Ford Jr. wins “DICK” Award

Washington DC — Oct. 7, 2006: Today’s winner of the “Deceptively Inept Congressional Kingdom” award (DICK), which honors those who put the “con” in “congress,” goes to Tennessee Representative Harold Ford, Jr.

“Congressman Ford exemplifies the qualities we’re looking for in a DICK,” said DICK Chairman Stan Neibaum. “Representative Ford, for going around saying he’s a lawyer when in fact he does have a law degree but has never even passed the BAR exam has made him a major DICK contender for a long time.”

“It’s not necessarily about breaking the law,” Neibaum continued after being asked to further explain the DICK award criteria. “It’s about the ability to be deceptive, whether it’s illegal or merely morally or ethically questionable, or to be a breathtakingly panderous flip-flopper — all while still being able to get a good night’s sleep that scores high on the DICK-meter.”

DICKs have been given out daily by the awards committee since the first DICK went to Senator Ted Kennedy five years ago today. There is no end in sight to recipients of the honor, and there are plenty of statuettes in the store room which have yet to be handed out.

“Fortunately, it looks as though we’ll never run out of DICKs,” said Neibaum.

Past DICK recipients include John Kerry, Randall “Duke” Cunningham, Robert Ney, William Jefferson, Hillary Clinton, Mark Foley, and Barney Frank, though the latter has never actually won the award but for some reason insisted on being included on the list.

Another winner will be announced tomorrow.


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