Cindy Sheehan: Deserving Finalist For The Nobel Peace Prize

The self-described “peace mom,” Cindy Sheehan, told an audience at a book signing that she’s a finalist for the Nobel Peace Prize. There are even petitions out there, such as this, demanding that the Prize go to Sheehan, even though some signatories seem to be demanding that Cindy go somewhere herself.

The Nobel judges were apparently unimpressed, as they just chose Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh over Bono and even Sheehan. Dang.

Let’s look forward to next year. Why shouldn’t Sheehan win the Nobel Peace Prize? Previous Peace Prize winner Betty Williams is on record as stating that she could “kill Bush.” You’ll often notice that there’s nobody more angry and violent than those who make a living as a peace activist.

Look who else has won a Nobel Peace Prize: Yasser Arafat, Kofi “oil-for-food” Annan, and Jimmy “peace through surrender” Carter. After those names, would adding “Cindy Sheehan” sound too ridiculous? Cindy would at least add some testosterone to the mix.

Sheehan probably won’t win — at least not this year — because I can’t believe the Nobel people would give a Peace Prize to her ahead of Bill Clinton. Until he wins one, Clinton will always feel empty and out of place – like a fireplace mantle in Little Rock without a bowling trophy on it.

The criteria for winning a Peace Prize is, for the most part, this: You must be the kind of person who blames the carpet for the dog pooping on it.

That said, still, I wonder what has Cindy Sheehan done, if anything, to promote peace? When you think “peace,” you may picture Mother Teresa, the Pope, etc. When you hear Sheehan speak, often sounding like a Sesame Street character with Tourette’s Syndrome, do you hear a “peaceful” person? To me she sounds as angry as Harry Reid while being asked about shady land deals by the Associated Press while his testicles are stuck in a bear trap.

One can only hope that Ms. Sheehan is able to someday find peace (hint for Cindy: it’s not hiding in front of a camera or microphone), and the first step in that would be for her to ask herself – and honestly answer – one question: “Why does the media, special-interest groups, the Hollywood left and the Nobel Peace Prize committee seem to care so much about my son now that he’s dead, and were and are nothing but critical of people like him and his comrades when he was alive?”

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d never side with somebody to whom my loved ones are worth more dead than alive. In spite of all this, Cindy Sheehan is in recognizable company as far as the Nobel Peace Prize goes, and probably deserves to win at some point.


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Author: Doug Powers

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