No matter how bad your day might have been, chances are you didn’t lose as much money as Steve Wynn.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Pablo Picasso’s “dream” painting has turned into a $139 million nightmare for Steve Wynn.

In an accident witnessed by a group that included Barbara Walters and screenwriters Nora Ephron and Nicholas Pileggi, Wynn accidentally poked a hole in Picasso’s 74-year-old painting, “Le Reve,” French for “The Dream.”

A day earlier, Wynn had finalized a record $139 million deal for the painting of Picasso’s mistress, Wynn told The New Yorker magazine.

Wynn bought the painting in ’97 for $48.4 million. No, it’s not known if Barbara Walters actually said “howee cwap!” when the accident occurred.

Here’s “Le Reve” before the accident:

And here’s an artists rendering of how Picasso’s Le Reve looks today:


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