The Amazing Karl Rove: Left Questions Timing, Validity of Saddam Hussein Verdict

So full was last month with “October surprises” that some of them have been forced to ooze into early November. John Kerry’s “botched joke,” Reverend Ted Haggard’s meth and gay hooker story, Nancy Pelosi as an apparent DNC kidnap victim, and now Saddam Hussein’s death sentence so close to the election.

It was obvious when Saddam Hussein’s death sentence was announced that, ultimately, the left would question the timing. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly. How naive I’ve become.

Here’s one example, and Ellen Ratner provides us with another. Clearly the left thinks that the Hussein sentence will help Republicans in the election, not to mention being ticked off that Bush and company aren’t next up at the gallows. Witnessing the left sink slowly into dementia is indeed a sad thing — but it can be funny at the same time, sort of like watching deer trying to get off a frozen pond.

Usually, it doesn’t have much impact when attempting to support an argument to use the words of the defendant’s defense attorney as proof that the trial is a “travesty,” but they’re doing it. If the word of a defense attorney is golden, we’d better release everybody currently on trial.

Can you believe it’s come to this? Saddam Hussein, a man who, and I don’t think anybody questions this point, systematically murdered hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen, is having the timing of his death sentence, and in some cases the validity of his entire trial, questioned.

Of course, when we’re speaking in the realm of “convenient timing,” the one name that inevitably rises to the top is Karl Rove. “The Architect” as Bush called him. This particular architect has been aided in construction by Democrat masonry workers consistently getting their feet stuck in their own cement.

Part of the legend of Rove is helped along by the fact that he is often credited with designing and being involved in coincidentally timed events of historical scope. If this were the case, Karl Rove would have more in common with Forrest Gump than any “genius.”

You can’t help but wonder if the legend of Karl Rove is helped along not by Rove’s “evil genius,” but by desperate attempts by Democrats to explain events that don’t go their way. It’s a lot easier to blame some Wizard for your shortcomings than to accept that the problem might be you.



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Author: Doug Powers

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