“Good morning, Speaker Pelosi. Good Evening, Secretary Rumsfeld”

A couple of nasty accidents or fatal health problems, and one of the biggest liberals in congress could end up as President of the United States. Hope you can sleep well tonight, conservatives.

As you’ve heard, the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives and could control the Senate before it’s all over. George W. Bush may finally have to use his veto power, if he remembers where he put it. Bush’s veto pen gets used as often than Paris Hilton’s chastity belt, but it had better be at the ready for the coming term.

Yesterday the Dems spanked more elephants than a 20 year veteran Royal Hanneford ringleader, and the elephants had it coming. Some of them pooped in the ring, some stole peanuts, and some used their trunks to tickle pages, and voters were turned off. As Doug Bandow wrote in The American Spectator, it’s too bad that voters didn’t have “none of the above” as a choice, so as to effectively punish Republicans without rewarding Democrats. I’m not sure it would have mattered though, for the scope of the sweep was too large.

Reporting the Democrat victories, it appeared that CNN was having orgasm after orgasm. If you were watching, I hope you wore a parka as if you were in the front row of a Gallagher concert, or you may have been in trouble. CNN is still dragging on the post-coital cigarette this morning.

As for the Senate, Democrat Webb leads Republican Allen 50%-49%. This race will likely decide which party controls the Senate, so expect — ta daaaa — a recount! Ditto for Montana.

So, Nancy Pelosi is being fitted for her gavel and having the gag removed from her mouth carefully as to not snap the facelift. Credit where credit is due: Democrats had a good strategy, which was to tell their most liberal members, who would also be the ones to attain the highest leadership position in the event of a Dem takeover, to keep their mouths shut in the weeks preceding the election.

It worked, and many voters fell for the faux “moderate” approach while Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest unsuccessfully tried to writh their way out of the ropes that bound their arms and legs while being kept safely unheard in a pit in the basement of DNC headquarters.

The ropes are off now. The good news is that we’re now probably looking at more “gridlock,” which is the best possible scenario at this point in time.

“Good morning, Speaker Pelosi.” Yikes.

Rumsfeld Update:

President Bush just announced that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down, and his replacement, pending Senate approval, will be former CIA Director Robert Gates.

Is this another blown opportunity? If Bush would have nominated Joe Lieberman as SecDef, Connecticut’s Republican Governor would have to choose a replacement for Lieberman’s Senate seat, and voila, insta-majority in the Senate once again! But it’s not to be.

I heard Rush Limbaugh say that by either forcing Rumsfeld to resign or readily accepting his resignation, Bush was handing the Dems a scalp. Could be, but it’s also likely that Bush realizes that a Secretary of Defense who is being subpoenaed to Capitol Hill for testimony in front of blood thirsty Dems every single day wouldn’t be able to function effectively at his post.

Gin, Rummy.

Heady days for Democrats indeed.


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Author: Doug Powers

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