Bill Maher: Sexual McCarthyite

The stereotype is usually that Republicans are the ones who practice sexual McCarthyism and seek to root out queers for a public square flogging, but Bill Maher helps point out that the left has taken that title away — if the right ever had it in the first place.

Maher, who dressed tastefully as Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin for Halloween, was on Larry King Live last night and starting rooting out the gays in the Republican Party.

From WorldNetDaily:

Appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live, Maher said it’s an open secret in Washington that RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman is a homosexual and that he has “never denied” it.

Maher added that he plans to out at least three other closeted Republican officials – including “chiefs of staff” – on his HBO political show tomorrow night to show their hypocrisy in supporting traditional family values.

Looks as if Maher thinks gays should be allowed to live their lives free from being ostracized — so long as they’re safely closeted or fully out-of-the-closet Democrats. Also, Mr. Maher, if being gay isn’t a choice and it’s as normal and acceptable as anything else, why on earth can’t homosexuals practice “traditional family values” too whether or not they’re Republicans? Who’s the hypocrite?

“Mr. Republican, are you now or have you ever been a member of the Village People Fan Club, into color-coordinating throw pillows, and/or a collector of Cher memorabilia?”

Author: Doug Powers

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