Disturbing Observation On An Otherwise Fine Afternoon Walk

This afternoon, while taking a leisurely stroll down the main shopping drag that runs adjacent to the campus of Michigan State University, I noticed a disturbing trend. More and more clothing stores are disappearing, and re-opening as restaurants.

I’m guessing there were a half-dozen more restaurants than there were a couple of years ago, and half as many non-food related shops.

Which leads me to this frightening thought: We’re eating more and getting fatter, and offered fewer and fewer places which sell us clothes to cover up that mess. The more we eat, the more places we require to sell food. Those places have to go somewhere, and often it’ll be where clothing stores used to be. If this trend continues, we’ll soon weigh four times what we do now, and be almost totally naked. Yikes.

In the present, I have seen the future:

Author: Doug Powers

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