Lights, Camera, Pollution: Hollywood Is Destroying The Environment

The results of a UCLA study are being released today, and the findings are an official version of something we’ve all known for quite some time: Hollywood is one of the biggest contributors to environmental wretchedness.

Sure, Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, Ed Asner, Alec Baldwin, and all the rest of the wacky Tinseltown band who play first chair snivelhorn with Martin Sheen and his All-Bohemian Orchestra destroy a little piece of the logic ozone every time they open their mouths, but the UCLA report is literal. Hollywood pollutes, big time.

From the LA Times:

The report found that the film and television industry emits a whopping 140,000 tons a year of ozone and diesel particulate pollutant emissions from trucks, generators, special effects earthquakes and fires, demolition of sets with dynamite and other sources.

“Given the importance of the movie and TV industry in Southern California, we thought this was something the public should know,” said Mary Nichols, head of the UCLA Institute of the Environment. Nichols, a law professor and past secretary of the California Resources Agency, said researchers found that although individual productions and studios are taking steps to minimize environmental damage, the industry’s “structure and culture hamper the pace of improvements.”

Leave it to Hollywood to have to generate fake earth quakes and fires when they’re right next to actual earth quakes and fires.

How will environmentalist Hollywood greet this report? It won’t be. This is how they make a healthy living – a career that affords them the soap box (constructed out of California Redwood, no doubt) from which they can preach to the rest of us about environmental responsibility.

Hollywood is chock full of walking oxymorons, and just plain morons for that matter. These are the wealthy bankrupt, the mansioned homeless, the environmentalist polluters, the fantasy-world realists and gated-neighborhood communers with nature.

Tinseltown was long ago diagnosed with a severe case of “do as I say not as I do syndrome,” and there is no known cure. They drive Priuses to airports – to board private jets which will take them to a movie location that will spew bilge into the air. They make a fortune and bash the greed of all corporations with the exception of film production companies. They’re against all guns — except the ones carried by their bodyguards.

They even call George W. Bush a murderer and then fight like crazy to save the life of a convicted killer of four innocent human beings. Remember Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who was the cause celebre of late 2005? Oh how Hollywood activists fought to save the valuable life of the man who co-founded the “Crips” in 1971, a Los Angeles street gang that has since spread from coast to coast. This made Williams the Ray Kroc of gangbanger franchising, and a celebrity himself in many circles. 

Liberal Hollywood not only contributes to ozone depletion, smog and general planetary griminess, but it also embraces and demands mercy for select killers and the generally unstable, often from within the safe confines of their guarded and gated Malibu communities. If that security were breached, however, the story would be much different. Can anyone honestly doubt that if one of the people Tookie Williams was accused of murdering was an actor that he would have had nearly the number of Hollywood allies sporting cries of his innocence?

Much of Hollywood is selfish, duplicitous, counterproductive and moronic — but they’re also rich, which means they can afford to keep telling the rest of us what idiots we are. And maybe to some degree they’re right. After all, we made them rich.

The next time you see a Hollywood movie about how the planet is being destroyed by the ecological evils of America, remember that the film was most likely made by people who are pointing an accusatory finger at “environmental rapists” while they themselves are often caught with their pants around their ankles and scratch marks on their faces, standing uncomfortably over a frightened Mother Nature.


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Author: Doug Powers

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