Bill and Hillary's Neighbors Shot — Fair Play Suspected

Here’s a little bit of trivia: The city name of “Chappequa” is an Algonquin Indian word which translates loosely to “Land of heap many disbarred lawyer.”

A Chappequa, New York woman and her disbarred attorney husband – who live three doors down from another Chappequa, New York woman and her disbarred attorney husband – were shot and wounded last night:

Cops were puzzled over what might have sparked an attack on the disbarred attorney, who has a string of unhappy clients, and his schoolteacher spouse.

“There is no known motive,” Detective Sgt. Marc Simmons said.

Read about the attorney in question. No motive? Uh huh. Heck, it sounds to me like Carlos Perez-Olivo has a nice career awaiting him in politics. All he has to do is walk three doors down for some advice from those who have experience in getting out of jams like that and he’s off to the races.

Author: Doug Powers

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