Video: Michael Richards Apologizes Not Only For Racist Outburst, But Also Hurricane Katrina, War

Want to see an uncomfortable moment? No, I’m not talking about Bill and Hillary trying to pull off a convincing kiss without throwing up a little in their mouths — I’m talking about comedian Michael Richards, aka “Kramer,” apologizing to African-Americans and everybody else on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman.

Richards really should have had something scripted, because his apology meandered through the neighborhood of apology like an off-the-wagon Robert Downey, Jr.

Richards apologized not only for his behavior that night at the comedy club, but also how blacks were treated by hurricane Katrina, and rage in general — such as conflict with other nations. Richards’ emotional levees have definitely been breached.

At the beginning of Richards’ appearance via satellite, there is an audible laughter from the audience, and Jerry Seinfeld, Letterman’s guest, hush-hushes the crowd. The laughter was partly due to the natural instinct we have of chuckling to internally defuse an uncomfortable situation, but I think there might be a little more to it. Perhaps we’re just plain sick of people apologizing for stuff. Apologies are becoming so comical that there should be a comedy club devoted entirely to people apologizing for saying dumb things.

Here’s the video. Don’t laugh now. That’s rude. Shh!

Author: Doug Powers

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