God Hates The WBC: "Church" To Picket Funerals of Kids Killed in Alabama Bus Accident

You have to hand it to the Twizzler-headed nut cases at The Westboro Baptist Church — they sure do know how to stay in the news.

If you’re not familiar with this group of self-lobotomized whiffleballs, they are the wingnuts, apparent victims of in-breeding combined with fetal Mercury poisoning and subsequent blunt force trauma by lead bound Bibles at early ages, who regularly picket at the funerals of soldiers who have been killed. Why? Because the United States is tolerant of homosexual activity, and they believe the soldiers are fighting and dying for this right.

I’ve always thought this to be an extreme case of Shakespeare’s “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.” Any guys who make this big a deal out of homosexuality simply must trying to cover a short-circuiting conscience caused by the night they were elected to serve as ‘pivot man’ in a Greenwich Village circle-jerk. As for the WBC women, the screaming and picketing helps bury the fear over wondering why their aereolas get prickly whenever they see Rosie O’Donnell on The View.

But the WBC’s picketing doesn’t stop with soldiers funerals. Not long ago they said they’d be picketing at the funerals of the girls killed at the Amish school in Pennsylvania. They ended up calling it off, probably because a Siegfried and Roy retrospective was airing on television that night.

Now, the WBC has applied for, and received, a permit to picket outside the funeral for one of the four kids killed in a school bus accident in Alabama. Here’s the WBC’s press release (PDF).

It probably never occurs to these people that getting off on being hated is one of the most disgusting sexual perversions one can have. If God hates anybody, it’s the Westboro Baptist Church.

Want to see what’s inside the heads of these guys? Click here for the MRI results.


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Author: Doug Powers

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