Brokeback Zamboni

The NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed off on allowing movie producers to use the league and team logos in a film about a gay ex-hockey player.

From the Toronto Star:

Actor Tom Cavanaugh plays a gay ex-Leaf in a comedy film Breakfast With Scot currently being shot in the GTA and Hamilton. He’s one-half of a homosexual couple — his partner is the team lawyer — whose lives are turned upside down after becoming guardians of Scot, “a budding queen of an 11-year-old boy,” according to the storyline.

To my recollection, the NHL is the only major professional sport that has yet to see a player, current or ex, come out of the closet — or “make a pass at the blue line” to use hockey vernacular.

I couldn’t care less who’s gay, who’s not, or any of the minion of perversions that may or may not be prevalent in professional sports. What I do find interesting is who these leagues tend to coddle, and why.

In this case, why is a professional sports franchise, which are usually tight fisted concerning their licensing, allowing logo use in a movie that will no doubt introduce “puck on a rope” to the product line? If you wrote a script about a hockey player who was, say, a crusading Christian activist denouncing abortion, what are the odds use of the logo would be granted by the league? My guess is zero.

Move over, Slapshot, because a new hockey movie is on the way — one more representational of the 21st century. Somewhere the Hanson brothers are shaking their heads.

By the way, why the Maple Leafs? The producers would have made the player an ex-Penguin, but that’s already been done:


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Author: Doug Powers

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