The Marlboro Candidate: Smoking Harmful — To Obama's Presidential Ambitions?

Did you guys know that Barack Obama is a cigarette smoker? If I heard this before, I’d forgotten.

We could be about to see the true level of committment of certain liberals to their pet candidate. Smoking? Oh my God! It probably won’t be too bad, though. Hell, a good Democrat can even kill a voter and be re-elected time and time again.

I did some poking around, and it’s funny, because all of a sudden, when it’s their guy, Democrats don’t seem to think it matters that Obama smokes.

Hell, smoking can even help a candidate.

“How smoking helps Obama” is the title of this commentary in The New Republic, reprinted in the Dallas Morning News in full here. “Smoking may help Obama’s image” claims the author.

One commenter at Rolling Stone wrote “who the f*#k cares if Obama smokes?”

I certainly wouldn’t, as long as these same people were this passive as it concerns the habits of rest of us.

Author: Doug Powers

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