Farewell, Kofi Annan: U.N. Chief's Legacy Smeared in Oil, Food, Hypocrisy, Greed and Bureaucratic Twittery

Today, outgoing U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan delivered a “farewell” speech in Missouri, and he became one of the first Sec. Gen.’s in the U.N.’s long and bureaucratic history to be scathingly critical of a current president’s policies before leaving office.

Annan will no doubt go on to a lucrative career as a public speaker, and possibly Morgan Freeman’s stunt double, but should we heed Annan’s criticism, or laugh at it as empty rhetoric from an empty suit? Let’s first take a look at some of the “best of” the man who’s doing the sanctimonious finger-pointing.

Oil for Food

We all remember the “Oil-for-Food” scandal. The United Nations’ “Oil-for-Food” program, which began in 1996, permitted Saddam Hussein to sell oil, provided that the revenue went for food, medicine and other necessities. It was a deal between the world’s largest bureaucracy and one of the planet’s most crooked and ruthless dictators. What could possibly go wrong?

It wasn’t long before it was discovered that Hussein was skimming money off the top, and bottom for that matter. Skimming? More like building a dam. The General Accounting Office estimated that Hussein’s regime netted over $10 billion. The psychotic-yet-most-entrepreneurial mustachioed one who had a destiny with a spider hole was, with a lot of help, inflating prices on humanitarian imports, which allowed him to sell that much more oil and keep the extra for himself and whoever else was involved. High markups, high profits and skimming – Iraq had become a 172,000 square mile jewelry store run by Jimmy Hoffa.

(This is the part where Columbo walks toward the door, pauses, and turns around, and says:) “Oh yes, one more thing…Kofi Annan’s son was receiving money from a company monitoring the Oil-for-Food program.”

Iraq Invasion

In a move taken straight from the “Berkeley Guide To Politically Correct Dating,” the United Nations said, in essence, that it was okay for the United States to invade Iraq, provided the U.S. got Iraq’s permission first. “May I invade” is the chapter in the book just after “May I put my arm around you” and “May I unhook your bra?” 

Kofi Annan and the U.N. sat idly by as Saddam Hussein has rebuilt an arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, committed countless atrocities, and used financial goodies and other perks to lure nuclear scientists into the country in efforts to develop atomic weapons, and the U.N. was cool with that because Saddam let them “inspect” (provided they didn’t look in the crawl space).

I’m willing to bet that there are still people meeting in out-of-the-way U.N. offices – like Japanese soldiers on remote South Pacific Islands in the 1950’s who didn’t know the war was over — who are still debating whether or not Saddam should be removed from power.

“Based in the U.S.” hypocrisy

Why would the United Nations and Annan even want the U.S. as a member state? They’re constantly whining about America owing them a ton of money (something I thought Ted Turner took care of with his billion-dollar donation, but from the sound of things, Turner changed his mind and instead decided to spend the money to have the world’s most expensive lobotomy).

Not only does the U.N. claim we owe them money, but they have the audacity to say how bad the U.S. is and then also be headquartered in this country? If I’m just a few days late on my gym membership dues, they don’t let me in the door, let alone move the entire operation into my house. Something doesn’t add up. But then, that’s the legacy of Kofi Annan’s United Nations.

When Hugo Chavez visited the United States a few weeks ago, he asked the U.N. to consider relocating their headquarters to Venezuela. It was one of those rare times when I agreed with Chavez: It’s time for the U.N. to move. This won’t happen at any time soon though, as the U.N. headquarters in New York recently received a $2 billion ”extreme home makeover: bureaucrat edition.” Like jurors sequestered in a Four Seasons, it could prove tough to get them out of there.


Here are some other classic Kofi Annan conflicts of interest. If this is the same man who’s pointing a bony, crooked diplomatic finger at the United States for not doing things his way, we should take that as a compliment.

Oh, and if Kofi’s speech today should mention war crimes and other atrocities, let’s be sure to include those committed by U.N. “peacekeepers” in all parts of the world during the watch of Kofi Annan.


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Author: Doug Powers

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