The Democrats Moment of Terror

Earlier today, it was reported that South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson, a Democrat, suffered a stroke.

With the Democrats holding a one-vote margin in the Senate in the coming term, this was a major Maalox moment for the Dems, especially since South Dakota’s Republican governor would be choosing Johnson’s replacement if Johnson would have been unable to serve in January.

So, it turns out that Johnson didn’t have a stroke, but was hospitalized for dizzyness – which is the mandatory malady for about two-thirds of the Senate, as a matter of fact.

Ironically, as a result of Johnson’s scare, dozens of Senate Democrats more than likely did have a stoke. I think even Teddy had one, but it’s hard to tell the difference.

Update (Thursday 11 a.m. est): Now it appears that Johnson is in critical condition. Democrats, it’s okay to keep sweating.

Author: Doug Powers

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