The Penn Is Flightier Than The Sword

Actor, activist and ::gulp:: smoker Sean Penn continues to speak out, and will probably still be trying to rally the impeachment of President Bush until well after Bush has left office.

Here’s the setup:

Sean Penn, the actor and occasional foreign correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle, hit the media and called for impeachment of the president in receiving the 2006 Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award from The Creative Coalition Monday night in New York City.

And here’s the punchline:

In his remarks, Penn listed more than a dozen serious issues facing the country, and commented, ”We depend largely for information on these issues from media industries, driven by the bottom line to such an extent that the public interest becomes uninteresting.”

Coming from a career Hollywood actor, this is a little like having Michael Moore express concern about your cholesterol level.

From the sound of things, the production companies who put out Penn’s movies should sue these “media industries” for copyright infringement. Perhaps Sean will tackle this topic as soon as he works out a multi-million dollar deal to star in an anti-bottom-line flick (certain characters, situations and ignorance of the ‘public interest’ inserted for purposes of dramatic effect and enhancing box office revenue).

Author: Doug Powers

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