Poll: Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuit Against Rosie O'Donnell — What Would You Like To See Happen?

This has just been pulled from the “When attention whores collide” file, in a folder marked “Trump v. O’Donnell.”

A rich member of the New York celebrity scene with a bad hairstyle and a keen eye for the ladies is angry, and is going to take no more. But we’ll talk about Rosie’s outspoken rants against President Bush at some future time.

First, let’s examine why Donald Trump is mad at her.

Here’s some brief background for those of you who have already taken your Dramamine this morning:

Donald Trump is set to sue “The View” host Rosie O’Donnell, Access Hollywood can reveal.

Earlier this afternoon Trump announced he is filing suit against the TV talk show host. “She says things that come to her mouth, she’s not smart, she’s crude, she’s ignorant and to be honest I look forward to suing Rosie,” he told our cameras. “I’m gonna sue her and I look forward to it. She’s really very dangerous for the show.”

A video of Trump going off on a somewhat hilarious, bad haircut fueled rant against Rosie is here.

What did Rosie O’Donnell say? Did she insult Christians again? Did she say something anti-American? Anti-Bush? Anti-New York? Nope. She said something anti-Trump, and that will not be allowed to stand!

Rosie O’Donnell had some fiery words for Donald Trump on The View Wednesday morning, calling him a “snake-oil salesman” following his announcement that he would not fire troubled Miss USA Tara Conner.

The battle began on Wednesday’s show, when a peeved O’Donnell said: “(He) left the first wife – had an affair. (He) had kids both times, but he’s the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America. Donald, sit and spin, my friend.”

“Sit and spin”? If Donald’s going to fulfill this command, Rosie, you’d better bring the ol’ ‘toolbox’ from home.

Since things have sunk to this level, I’d expect Trump’s future reactions to include the phrase, “I’m rubber and you’re glue…”

As time is short this morning, I thought I’d leave the opinions on what the outcome of this potential lawsuit should be up to you.

Take the poll (I’d imbed it here, but the html thing is not cooperating right now). I’m working to get O’Donnell and Trump to agree that these results will be legally binding:

If Donald Trump sues Rosie O’Donnell, what should happen?

Update: As of 9:30 p.m. Thursday evening, of the six possible responses, here’s the breakdown so far:

“Both should be ordered to pay each American $500 for pain and suffering” — 30%
“The suit should be thrown out” — 20%
“Both should be locked in a Port-O-San and slid into the Hudson” — 18%
“Other” — 15%
“Donald should win, be allowed to rename the moon ‘Trump'” — 12%
“Rosie should win, be lauded on the cover of Mullet Monthly” — 4%

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Author: Doug Powers

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