Yet Another Suit That Won’t Fit Michael Moore

Quite a while ago, Sgt. Peter Damon, an Iraq war veteran and amputee, filed a $35 million lawsuit against Michael Moore, claiming that Moore used his words and image out of context in his film Fahrenheit 911. Damon said Moore went out of his way to make it appear that he was anti-war and bitter toward those who sent him there when in fact that’s not the case.

Judge Douglas Woodlock of U.S. District Court in Massachusetts has dismissed the suit, ruling Moore’s film didn’t force that assumption. Wow. I’ve seen a few Michael Moore movies, and I’d be hard pressed to find an assumption his films didn’t force, but whatever.

Speaking of forcing assumptions, I was tempted to assume that, because Judge Woodlock is from Massachusetts, this means he must have a liberal bias. After looking around a little though, it’s important to note that Woodlock was nominated to the bench by Ronald Reagan in 1986.

Whew! Now at least Moore won’t have to sell his shares in Halliburton to pay off a multi-million dollar court loss.

Author: Doug Powers

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