Death to Bonaduce!

I have to admit, this is a rallying cry I thought I’d never hear coming from anybody but professional drummers.

It’s no secret — there are plenty of folks out there who hate President Bush. If you like or even tolerate the president, they hate you, too. Who are “they”? Well, they’re very often self-promoted as “anti-war” and/or “pro peace.”

As history has shown, there can be occasions when those who seek peace for a living, even winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, can be the most violent and vitriolic among us.

Danny Bonaduce might be finding that out.

It all started with a video you might have heard about by now. A “the government planned 9/11″ guy named John Conner, who runs a website called and has a book of the same name, approached Bonaduce at an outdoor cafe to ask him a few questions, and Bonaduce pretty much ate not only his own lunch, but also Conner’s. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it.

Now Bonaduce is saying he’s getting death threats for his pro-Bush stand, and that the FBI is involved. Good Lord, some of us really need to prioritize, don’t we? If you are angered about what Danny Bonaduce says about politics to the point of having to threaten his life, you’re doing nothing but proving that, well, Bonaduce’s probably right.

John Conner could well be getting death threats too, bringing to light the opposite of the above paragraph. At worst I might threaten to do is smash his camera so he’d stop buzzing around bothering people like a human mosquito carrying kook-borne annoyance, but that’s here nor there.

Why is this even news? To many it’s not, but for others, I think it’s that we’re in utter shock when we see somebody with Hollywood ties no matter how distant, anybody — even a former child star who gained fame for fake playing the drums – speak out in defense of President Bush.

From the anti-Bush perspective, specifically from those in the entertainment biz, this minor uprising must be quickly put down, hence the apparent lashing out against Bonaduce. Before you know it, we could be hearing pro-Bush rhetoric from that Erkel guy, then maybe Gary Coleman and the Olsen twins. If it caught on and moved up into the upper tier of Hollywood glitterati, the effects could be devastating, perhaps someday culminating in the Academy Awards being cancelled amid fears that a nominee was planning to deliver a pro-Bush speech. Perish the thought.

This is all actually giving both Bonaduce and Conner a lot of attention and face time, and that’s what the entertainment business is all about, so kudos to both of them. Can we get back to things that matter now?

Now if Mr. Conner could just answer two questions for me. 1) If Bush planned 9/11 in order to invade Iraq, among other things, why was he so incredibly stupid as to not have made even one of his imaginary hijackers Iraqi? And, 2) what the hell does any of this have to do with the opinion of a member of the frickin’ Partridge Family?


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Author: Doug Powers

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