Oafs of Office: Quran vs. Bible Swearing-In Flap Misses Point

Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota, is the first Muslim elected to Congress, and today he’s going to be sworn in using the Quran instead of the Bible. The shudder this has caused in some of my fellow conservatives has produced minor tremors that have been detected by seismologists at Missed Point University.

Members of Congress are sworn in as a group with no books involved for an oath, but Bibles have been used by politicians for subsequent unofficial private ceremonies in offices, halls and sometimes strip clubs.

However, just because it’s “unofficial” we should take it seriously because said politicians is taking an oath on a book representative of their religious beliefs and entering a political body that has a great effect on all our lives — true, it’s usually a negative one, but still…

Ellison’s plan to be sworn in on a Quran was announced several weeks ago, and it began causing a controversy back when Townhall.com’s Dennis Prager wrote a column claiming that the Bible is the only proper way to be sworn into service for the U.S. government. Devvy Kidd agrees, as do many others.

Since the Constitution doesn’t stipulate what religious book is “proper” for a swearing in, I’ll assume that people are free to use whatever book they please — which is sort of the point of the U.S. Constitution.

But if that isn’t good enough, let’s consider some other factors.

Here’s what happened when I heard that Ellison would be sworn in using a Quran. Before hopping instinctively on a “America is a Christian nation so we should use the Bible for oaths instead of anything else” bandwagon, I suspended any urge for knee-jerk reaction and thought about it for a little while as I watched LSU/Notre Dame game, in which the Christians were fed to the Tigers.

Think of all the politicians who were sworn in using a Bible, or who otherwise claim to be “Christians.” Liberals who took a hard left at Albuquerque, including Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and also any number of crooks, cheats and liars that have slimed their way into the Capitol dome and later prison, have taken the oath on a Bible. This in no way devalues the Bible, but it does mean that we need to remember that an oath is only as good as the person taking it and has less to do with what they’re taking it on.

Consider Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, who was busted with frozen assets — literally. Jefferson was caught blue-handed with public trough booty stuffed in his freezer, and got re-elected in spite of all that. If Jefferson said he wanted to be sworn in using a Quran, I’m here to tell you that I would not think this would be any more inappropriate than if Jefferson said he wanted to be sworn in using a Bible. The point being he shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Lousy dirtbag politicians for whom the best interests of America take a distant second to personal whims and special interests are no less horrendous because they took the oath on a Bible instead of a Quran.

People with the opinion of Dennis Prager and others should first prioritize. The fact that Ellison is a Democrat who will pull hard on the side of Team Pelosi should be offensive enough for conservatives. I don’t care if somebody is sworn in on a copy of Where’s Waldo, if he or she is a politician that doesn’t believe in constitutional principles, he or she has no business in Congress — and there are dozens and dozens of them in there. Many of those dozens were sworn in on Bibles, by the way.

That it’s a Christian instead of a Muslim is confiscating our rights and money should offer us little consolation.

If elected president, Hillary Clinton will be sworn in on a Bible. Whew! Crisis averted.

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Author: Doug Powers

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