Reason #12,329,420 Why Socialists and Unions Should Not Run The World

The following occurred in north London:

A man died after two ambulance crews could not be sent to his aid — because they were on EU-enforced lunch breaks. The victim collapsed in a betting shop, five minutes from his local ambulance station.The EU rules — which have angered staff — mean crews in the capital can be called out only in the last ten minutes of their 30-minute breaks. Otherwise, they are banned from helping, even if there is a road crash outside their building.

A London spokesperson said last night: “We can confirm crews were on a rest break at the time.

The spokesperson was going to describe what the men had for lunch as well as order flowers to be delivered for the man’s funeral, but he was dangerously close to his EU mandated maximum for hours worked during the week, so he went home.

Author: Doug Powers

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