You Can Be The Master of Bush's Domain

At this moment, there are about 21 hours left to bid on the domain name “” on Ebay. Right now the bidding is at $21,100.

This thing would have been worth a lot more a few years ago. One thing’s for sure; whoever ends up with the name will be a huge “Jeb Bush for President” supporter — at least until after the election.

Update: There are ten hours to go, and the price is up to $25,200. Now somebody else has jumped on the bandwagon and is selling “” Two days to go on that one.

Update II: is up to only $20.50, but now the anti-Bush domain names for sale are sprouting up like wildfire. “” is up to $1,995. There’s also “” up for sale. Wow, this is like a closeout sale on anti-Bush domain names.

Author: Doug Powers

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