Goodbye Hollywood: Why Losing Tinseltown Support Is Good News For Hillary

One glance at the political candidates and causes funded by Hollywood celebrities and we automatically know which party will have their support in the coming election. Tinseltown celebs have traditionally thrown their weight behind more liberals than Harvey Firestein at a Berkeley orgy, and 2008 will be no different.

What is of interest is that Hillary Clinton was pretty much a lock to rake in the Hollywood money. Now, the dynamic has been greatly altered by Barack Obama and even John Edwards.

Hillary has been on the skids with Hollywood recently for her eternal refusal to take a real stand against the war in Iraq, and now that she’s officially in the race officially, this will be a continuing problem for her. David Geffen, longtime supporter of Queen Carpetbagger, has come out (no, the other definition of the phrase) and announced his support for – Barack Obama.

The reason Obama will rake in some Hollywood cash is simple: He’s new and exciting. Hollywood always gets buzzing over a big premiere, and Barack Obama’s show is opening soon. Hillary Clinton’s flick is old and tired, and thanks to her husband you can’t even be certain if that’s butter on your popcorn.

Hollywood is also familiar with Hillary Clinton, and they’re not thrilled with her as much as they used to be. Aside from her apparent backing of the war in Iraq, which shatters liberal Hollywood support like peanut brittle in Rob Reiner’s back pocket, Tinseltown activists have watched Hillary soften her stance on abortion.

But there’s good news for Hillary. She has plenty of money, and it doesn’t really matter who Hollywood supports. I’ve found no correlation between who is backed by Hollywood activists and who wins. If anything, the opposite is true.

Consider some of Hollywood’s pet causes

For the last couple of decades, many celebrities have petitioned presidents and others to release from prison, or at least get a new trial for, Leonard Peltier, who was convicted in 1975 of killing two FBI agents. Peltier is still using soap-on-a-rope and padlocked briefs to this day.

In 1998, celebrities from around the world signed a petition calling Kenneth Starr’s investigation into Bill Clinton’s perjury an “inquisitorial harassment by a fanatical prosecutor.” Clinton was impeached soon after.

Early in 2002, many of these same actors signed a petition asking U.S. senators to vote against a plan to bury the nation’s nuclear power waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain. The petition so impressed Congress that they immediately started dumping nuclear waste in the Yucca Mountain (now known as “Enrico Fermi’s Port-A-Potty”).

Hollywood fought to save embattled California Governor Gray Davis from recall in 2003. They even called in Hillary Clinton herself, along with Dudley Do-Wrong, her famed intern-mountie and husband to fight for Davis’s political life. Davis was thrown out quicker than Mel Gibson after getting drunk at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s dinner party.

In 2005, many liberal Hollywood celebs lobbied against the death sentence of Crips founder and convicted multiple murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams. That went so well that Williams was given a gurney cocktail within weeks.

Hollywood overwhelmingly supported Gore. Hollywood overwhelmingly supported Kerry. Most of them supported Steve Westley over a fellow actor for California governor in ’06. All the aforementioned three didn’t reach their goals. Hollywood will more than likely support Obama or Edwards too. The more leftist the better, as they’re sure to be freshly emboldened after the Dem takeover of Congress. Believe it or not, Hillary Clinton won’t be nearly liberal enough for Hollywood, but that’s good news for her.

Why is that? Because Hollywood, and many politicians who seek their endorsement, always confuse between box office popularity and real world perception. Much of activist celebs will never understand how people who watch their shows, but tickets to their movies, and purchase their CD’s, can yet personally view them as freaky, whorish, duplicitous, unrestrained, neurologically jumbled heaps of discredited, ivory-tower ideologues. But yet it’s true, and on a national level, a candidate still needs the votes of us yokels here in flyover country.

Sure, activist celebs are rich, which is why there is such a “moth to bug zapper” draw for politicians, but Hollywood’s “help” can also be politically lethal, as they tend to throw life vests filled with rocks. The decline (albeit perhaps temporary) of Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood popularity is the best thing that could happen for her presidential ambitions.


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Author: Doug Powers

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