Kerry Me Back To Old Martha's Vinny

John Kerry has announced that he’s decided not to take another shot at the White House (then said he would, then probably wouldn’t again, then maybe, then back to definitely not). Kerry wants to spend more time with his family. Then, after he’s done hanging around Dodd, Kennedy and Murtha, if there’s any more time left, he’ll go see Teresa on the Vineyard late this spring.

Many are saying that the final nail in the coffin of Kerry’s 2008 hopes was his “botched joke.” Not so. This is a little like Mel Gibson blaming the fact that he just got turned down for a bus driver’s job on that spoonful of cough syrup he had this morning.

The bad news, if you’re a Republican, is that Kerry said he wouldn’t run so he could remain on the Senate floor and fight for what he believes in. Hold on to your wallets and purses.

Obviously, by showing the good sense not to join the ’08 fray, the 2004 race was a wake-up call for the Massachusetts senator, ironically, just in time to be put to sleep. We’ll miss John Kerry on the news every night on the campaign trail — okay, maybe not. Sure, we still have his former running-mate John Edwards in the mix for ’08, but without the two together, it just won’t be the same.

Kerry wept as he announced he wouldn’t be in the running, and I think it has more to do with missing his old running mate than seeking the White House…


Like the corner of my mind….

Misty water colored memories…

Of the way we were

I gotta go before I get choked up.


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Author: Doug Powers

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