Global Warming, and Alec Baldwin, Take The Weekend Off

Just three weeks ago, the cartoon bluebirds that flutter around Alec Baldwin’s head were working overtime, as the actor was freaking out because it was 72 degrees in Central Park in early January.

Alec was going bonkers in thinking it was a clear sign of end of the world. You’d have thought it was the second coming of Barry Goldwater. “No December snowfall in New York for the first time since 1877,” was a sign of man-made climate change, according to Baldwin. He conveniently didn’t bother to explore why there was no snowfall in December of 1877, because it certainly wasn’t due to our SUV’s, Halliburton and Bush. (or… was it?)

Today, New York City has set a record for the lowest temperature ever recorded. I haven’t heard from Alec yet questioning himself on whether or not he might have over-reacted three weeks ago, but I’ll keep an eye on the Huffington Post, just in case.

“Alec to mother ship, Alec to mother ship. Can’t comprehend temperature changes. Please advise. Over.”

Author: Doug Powers

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