The Star Mangled Banner: "Hillary Rodham Clin-tone Deaf" Rocks Iowa

Well, it’s taken years, but Hillary Clinton finally has something in common with me. Neither of us can sing. Will it be enough to get my vote? I seriously doubt it, but at least she’s trying.

There’s something in the air in Iowa. This kind of thing isn’t new there. Candidates who are rookies at presidential races really need to be educated on the Howard Dean model: Those open microphones can only lead to embarrassment. Hillary hasn’t learned that yet.

Here’s the New York Senator and presidential hopeful in Iowa over the weekend, impressing voters in the Hawkeye state with her golden pipes. I’m not sure she could find a note even with the help of Onstar and Mapquest.

If you listen closely, toward the end, you can hear Helen Keller’s pleas of “knock it off!” from beyond the grave:


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Author: Doug Powers

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