John Kerry: National Pariah, International Embarrassment

Senator John “botched joke” Kerry, who has himself become a sort of national pariah — at least if you’re a member of the military or have properly functioning neurons – is the winner of this week’s “Jimmy Carter Award” for doing what liberals do best: going overseas to knock the United States and tap dance for some of the world’s biggest America bashers and sponsors of terrorism.

At the annual “World Economic Forum” in Switzerland (anti-greed world leaders like to be near their money on occasion) Kerry called the U.S. an “international pariah.” Ironically, this happened at almost the exact same time that fellow insulter of Vietnam veterans, Jane Fonda, was in D.C. speaking at her first anti-war rally in 34 years.

Was this simply an anti-Bush statement and not intended as an insult to all Americans? No. It’s your fault!

Kerry criticized what he called the “unfortunate habit” of Americans to see the world “exclusively through an American lens.”

We also have the “unfortunate habit” of electing elitist, leftist pinheads. “Through and American lens”? Well, I’ve tried looking through John Kerry’s lens, but Vineyard security keeps stopping me before I can get in the house.

What global suck-ups like Kerry never understand is that, in most cultures, the despots or “enemy” you’re brown-nosing and appeasing do not look higher upon an individual who sells out their own nation, whether merely verbally or literally — especially when that person is one of the most powerful senators in said pariah.

People like John Kerry are constantly seeking acceptance, and the less they get it here, the more they look for it there.

I have no hard data to support this, but I can almost guarantee you that the people who Kerry tries to appease with his anti-U.S. rhetoric, while appreciating his selling out of his own country, don’t respect him in the least. Relationships with turncoats are sort of like being married to somebody who cheated on their former spouse: they did it once, and in the back of your mind you know they could do it again, even if they now claim that “you’re the only one for me!” Next thing you know they’re in the vegetable patch bangin’ the gardener.

This is why there cannot possibly be any respect for John Kerry in either direction: To both sides involved, Kerry is more valuable as a member of the other team.

“Traitor” isn’t a dirty word. At some point it went out of style here in the United States, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t exist. They’re not called “traitors” anymore, but rather “enlightened,” “progressive,” or “open minded,” but the end result is the same. The inherent punishment, however, in being a traitor, is that once you begin playing both ends against the middle, nobody likes you. John Kerry’s finding that out.

Let us not forget that Benedict Arnold died a man without a country. So would John Kerry, if his wife didn’t already own so much of the United States.

Most amazing are the people in Massachusetts who keep voting for the man who bounces around the globe calling them myopic morons and outcast boobs. Come to think of it, maybe Kerry’s right.

Above we see one of the main reasons terrorists are so encouraged — along with some other guy in a turban.

John Kerry signs and autograph for the former president of one of the world’s biggest sponsors of terrorism, Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami of Iran. “Khat-man, stay as sweet as you are. Have a bitchin’ summer!”


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