“Poor Hardest Hit” Headline of the Day: Global Warming Threatens to Make Africa Miserable

This morning I ran across something that we see almost every day in the news — the “poor hardest hit” headline, or “Duh!” as they’re known among followers of current events. 

The story quotes U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (at least the U.N. finally got it right and hired a buy with the word “Ban” right there in his name), who says, in essence, that if we don’t curb global warming by capping industrialized nations – and faster than a Reuters writer can apply “poor hardest hit” to any situation – that Africa is in danger of being miserable. 

Does this mean that we should immediately halt any fossil fuel burning vehicle that happens to be carrying aid to Africa? I’m guessing not, but that boat or plane should certainly drop off some cash to the United Nations on the way over. 

That’s right. According to the U.N. global warmists, the capitalistic lifestyle of the United States is polluting the air, where it wafts over and heats up the nirvanic Shangri-Las of Kenya, Somalia, Darfur and many other areas of paradise, making their lives miserable. It’s getting so a continent can’t have a famine, AIDS epidemic and various plagues without some industrialized punks ruining it all from afar. 

Here’s a bit of the story: 

“But it is the poor, in Africa and developing small island states and elsewhere, who will suffer the most, even though they are the least responsible for global warming.” 

Experts say Africa is the lowest emitter of the greenhouse gases blamed for rising temperatures, but due to its poverty, under-development and geography, has the most to lose under dire predictions of wrenching change in weather patterns. 

What’s the answer? First, Madonna had better pick up the adoption rate and get them out of there. The second answer is a conundrum. The U.N. “fix” to Africa’s impending global warming misery will be to get rid of, or vastly reduce, industrialization in first-world societies. Oddly enough, these are the very reasons other areas of the world are not starving and plagued with disease. It’s an idea so good it could only come from the United Nations. 

I once heard Wayne Dyer say, “I can’t get sick enough to make one person who is ill get well.” The U.N. and other global warming alarmists disagree with you, Dr. Dyer. 

Africa needs exactly what they’re being told by U.N. environmentalist ne’er-do-wells is their greatest enemy. A capitalist environment is needed in Africa. But this can only be done after getting rid of despots, warlords, crooked leaders and U.N. pinheads who panic at the thought of parts of Africa starving and dying of AIDS in extreme heat, preferring that the same thing happen when it’s 1.8 degrees cooler and you’re sharing in the misery. 

Some of the performers in the Live8 concert, which took place in the summer of 2005, asked, “If we can spend billions of dollars to kill people, why can’t we spend billions of dollars to feed people?” The sad reality is that sometimes you have to do that first part in order to make the last part possible. You also have to first have billions of dollars, and that’s not going to happen if everybody lives in caves and desert lean-tos while basking in Mother Nature’s arms because the only thing they’re polluting the environment with are the dead bodies of the victims of famine, disease and despotism (biodegradable, thankfully). No SUV’s and no factories though. Heaven. 

I’m one of those people who believe that most of the “man made global warming” theory is a giant power and money grab, and little more, but for a moment let’s assume that the theory is fact. In that case, we should still work to bring capitalism to Africa, and not push the rest of the world into a hole so everybody can empathize. 

Sure, a capitalist Africa would be on the “enemies list” of Al Gore and U.N. Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon because they’d be “contributing to global warming,” but they’d be freer from disease, have plenty to eat, and have ready access to a neat little invention called “air conditioning.” At least most of them would — the poor would, of course, be “hardest hit.”


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Author: Doug Powers

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