Nancy Pelosi’s Official Calendar for Dems: Don’t Forget Dick Cheney’s Hunting Accident

It’s so nice to see the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, taking the high road as promised.

The Speaker emailed the official House Democrats 2007 Calendar, and with it a note:

“Attached is a calendar for 2007 that has been prepared by Speaker Pelosi’s office. It was originally e-mailed out to Democratic offices in mid-December, but we wanted to e-mail it out again to ensure that all offices had seen it. We hope this calendar helps Democratic offices to plan press events and other activities for their member throughout the year.”

The calendar includes dates to remember such as the House vote schedule, holidays, and — the anniversary of Dick Cheney’s hunting accident?

Yes indeed, mark your calendars, Democrats, because February 11th marks the one-year anniversary of the day that will live in infamy. The day the Vice President of the United States accidentally shot his hunting partner, Harry Whittington.

Other important information probably not on the calendar would include:

March 12: William Jefferson “frozen asset” Day — Put all your cash in the freezer to show solidarity with our railroaded comrade.

March 31: Barney Frank’s birthday. Join us for cake and games. Come on, it’s not every day you get to meet Clay Aiken, Liza and Harvey Firestein.

April 1: April Fools Day. No jokes please. We’ve got plenty.

May 6: Installation and dedication of the Patrick Kennedy Capitol Hill Memorial Barricade, on behalf of the memory of the old barricade, may it rest in pieces.

July 16: Bracing facelift/eyelid restoration day. Ignore scaffolding around Mrs. Speaker’s head. No eye contact please.

September 11: Never forget. Never forget the horror. Never forget the misery. Never forget the pain. Never forget the senseless destruction and death. Yes my friends, this is the day in history that George W. Bush began his illegal and immoral war based on lies and deceptions.

October 30: Mark Foley commemorative Precious Moments figurine sale/DNC fundraiser. Remind voters about dirty Republicans by offering these darling porcelain dolls depicting former Rep. Mark Foley at his computer emailing a perverted note to a 16-year-old boy.

November 23: Celebrate Thanksgiving by informing everyone that their turkey was probably accidentally shot by Dick Cheney.

December 25: Announcement of Democrats’ “holiday gift to the country” — No days off until new legislative agenda is pushed through the House.

December 27-January 8, 2008: No sessions scheduled so some of us can attend or watch college bowl games.


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Author: Doug Powers

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