Today’s column at WorldNetDaily deals with Sir Richard Branson’s $25 million prize offer for the “scientist” who can find a way to extract greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

What could possibly go wrong? I discuss this and offer a few of my own ideas in “Save the planet, win a prize.”


I just got this email from a guy with the last name “Annis” (pronounced “Ay-nuss”):

Dear Mr. Powers:

Thank you for your interest in our “Save the Planet” contest. I regret
to inform you that we must reject your entries.

Contest rules specify that the prize is to be awarded for technologies
which EXTRACT carbon from the atmosphere. Your suggestions only limit
further carbon dioxide emissions INTO the atmosphere.

It is unfortunate that you have the reading comprehension of a 7-year

You may submit another entry after the 90-day waiting period if you so


Prize committee
Save the Planet Contest

I’m heart broken.

You’ll not be surprised to learn that this work of over-analysis of the somewhat satirical came from a State of Oregon employee, judging from the email address. Your tax dollars are hard at work.


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  1. ron on February 21st, 2007 1:36 pm

    i don’t understand how some people can not or will not face the fact that we human’s are killing our planet! this is not a joke to me! we can not put these gases and junk in our air and expect it to not do some kind of damage! get real! i do have a real idea on how to remove some of these gase’s but don’t know how to contact branson? thanks

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