USS John F. Kennedy Decommissioned

It’s the end of a long period of service for one of the United States’ most famous aircraft carriers and the only Kennedy that Marilyn Monroe never went down on:

The USS John F. Kennedy is heading north today off the coast of Massachusetts as the aircraft carrier known as “Big John” prepares for its final stop in Boston before decommissioning.

The 1,052-foot-long carrier, named for the nation’s 35th president, left Norfolk, Va., on Monday as it embarked on its last journey after nearly 40 years of service that included several deployments in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

This ship isn’t to be confused with the USS Ted Kennedy, which was decommissioned in 1969 after being sunk by the Chivas Regal Brigades at the battle of Chappaquiddick.

Author: Doug Powers

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