An Inconvenient Security Breach

It’s good ta be an Oscar winner:

An airline employee is in the news today after the worker “led former Vice President Al Gore and two associates around airport security lines” before a flight this week at Nashville International Airport, the AP reports.

But the perk wasn’t long lasting:

However, once police spotted the “breach,” Gore and his traveling companions were escorted out of the secure area and were required to be screened.

Why the need to lead him around the screening area? The detector is for metal, not b.s.

Airport issues are nothing new to Gore. In 2002, Gore was twice pulled aside for “random” screening. Gore was so suspect that I wrote a column entitled Al Gore: Airline Security Threat.

Maybe airport security is just trying to make it up to him. Another possibility is that Al simply wouldn’t fit through the metal detector.

Author: Doug Powers

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