Follow the Money, Part XCVIII

In case you haven’t heard, those who use more energy than the average Joe in the course of their existence are beginning to not cut down on their energy use, but rather practice something called “carbon offsets.”

A “carbon offset” is something like this: if you use a private jet, you “offset” this carbon demon by paying for somebody else’s solar panels, or some such “clean” thing. As I’ve written previously, to me, this is a little like expecting to be acquitted of murder because you “offset” that killing by impregnating another person.

At any rate, whenever we’re faced with something that seems to not make sense, it’s always a good idea to follow the money trail. For example, when Al Gore pays for “carbon offsets,” who gets the money? A company partially owned and chaired by… Al Gore.

Surprise Surprise.


Author: Doug Powers

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