Monday's Column: The Next Great Business Idea

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is about how we can all make a fortune helping offset the carbon spewed into the atmosphere by jet-set liberals who are plagued with a need to convince themselves they’re not silly hypocrites.

If you want to participate in the next great business venture, give a read to “Franchise for sale: Carbon Offset, Inc.” for more.

Update — I’ve gotten a lot of email on this today. Here are a couple. This first one from a reader named Howard, who has a great idea. We can put this together with the person in the comments who wants to accept money in return for agreeing not to cut down trees in the rainforest:

Dear Mr. Powers.

I am writing you as one of the foremost forward thinkers in the nation with the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a great business venture. I am starting a new franchise business named, “Ethics Offsets.”

Our purpose is to offers absolution (for a fee, of course), to those who are having ethics problems. We will match, say, William Jefferson, D. LA, with someone without any known problems in this regard, such as the Pope.

We will use the profts to encourage better ethics. One plan is to sen profusely engraved letters of encouragement to all who have not been caught,

What do you think.

Count me in Howard!

Rapp from Bradenton, Florida says:

As i read your carbon off-set plan, it occured to me that i’d seen it before.
is’nt it called the democratic party platform?

Oh great, so now on top of everything else I can expect to be sued for copyright infringement?

Author: Doug Powers

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