Iraqi Refugees Flocking to Sweden

Nine thousand Iraqis applied for asylum in Sweden last year. Either they really hate a terrorist war zone, or they really love ABBA.

Human smuggling has become a big business in the middle east:

50-year-old Laura paid a smuggler about $30,000 to get her and two daughters to Sweden. She arrived here three months ago. The turning point for Laura was when her son was kidnapped.

“That was the day I decided to leave,” says Laura, who is afraid to use her real name because her husband and two children are still trying to leave Iraq.

Her son was released after three days and a $25,000 ransom. Laura is a Christian and she blames Muslims for the chaos in her home country. But Iraqi Muslims are also seeking refuge in Sweden.

Could Sweden be about to lose their legendary “neutral” status as a result of the influx? Time will tell.

Author: Doug Powers

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