When you think “Hillary Clinton,” you’re immediately reminded of JFK, aren’t you? Hillary wants that to be the case:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton invoked the campaign of the nation’s lone Catholic president, John Kennedy, last night as she talked about her challenge in becoming the first female commander-in-chief.

“He was smart, he was dynamic, he was inspiring and he was Catholic. A lot of people back then [1960] said, ‘America will never elect a Catholic as president,’” the White House hopeful told the New Hampshire Democrats’ 100 Club fund-raiser here.

“But those who gathered here almost a half century ago knew better,” she said. “They believed America was bigger than that and Americans would give Sen. John F. Kennedy a fair shake, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Hillary comparing herself to JFK means that either she’s lost her mind, or this is her way of admitting that she was sexually attracted to Marilyn Monroe.

I haven’t heard audio of this speech, but I’m guessing she scrapped the fake southern drawl in favor of a Bahston accent.

I’ll hand this to Hillary. She’s setting herself up nicely. If you don’t vote for her, it’ll be because you hate Catholics, southerners, women, or all the above — and if you don’t vote for her because you don’t like her husband, it’ll be because you hate black people.


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  1. University Update on March 11th, 2007 12:19 pm

    Hillary: The JFK of 2008?…

  2. grizzlieantagonist on March 11th, 2007 3:46 pm

    The myth that JFK overcame the disadvantages of being Catholic is just that anyway — a myth, though an enduring one.

    Victor Lasky’s “JFK: The Man & The Myth” contains ample documentation of how the Kennedy team exploited the religious card in order to shame people into voting for Kennedy.

    It contains a copy of the “Bailey Memorandum”, which described how large Catholic majorities in key electoral districts — including Catholic swing voters who could be persuaded to vote either Democrat or Republican — would make it advantageous for the Democrats to nominate a Catholic.

    Likewise, it’s probably more advantageous to be a female candidate running for office today than a male one. There are far more pro-female/anti-male votes than the other way around.

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