Nurse Ratchet, White Courtesy Phone: Harry Belafonte Needs Meds, Stat

Singer, dancer and hug-therapist-for-commie-dictators Harry Belafonte once again slipped on a peel on the poopdeck of the banana boat.

I’m not big on government intervention into any of our private freedoms, but there’s a point in life when the government needs to come running with the nets and straight-jacket for the good of one of their own citizens.

If Harry Belafonte had not held these absolutely comical opinions for decades, I’d suspect the onset of senility. But this is nothing new for Harry, as stupid things exit Belafonte’s mouth at a higher frequency than gamma rays emanating from a nebula. This has earned Harry a spot in the pantheon of entertainment industry leftists and a big trophy in the Sheen wing of the Snivel Museum, Malibu branch.

Harry Belafonte is a member of an elite club of entertainers, which includes Danny Glover and many others, who think that Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and other dictators, totalitarian wankers, and tin pot pinheads represent what is the ultimate in governmental nirvana. You’ll also notice that these particular proponents of disastrous totalitarian systems also have one thing in common: They’re never dumb enough to actually live in those places.

Now on to “Harry meets banana peel, part 109.” In a recent British interview (audio here), Belafonte explains why he thinks blacks in the Bush administration are “house slaves” and “powerless,” why he doesn’t believe Bush is the “greatest terrorist in the world” because Belafonte has yet to meet all the terrorists, and why black conservatives are greedy tools of white people who “will sell you out in a minute” and “have no regard for humanity.”

Being busy swatting away the annoying cartoon bluebirds that are constantly fluttering around your head is bound to be a distraction, but for Belafonte, it’s becoming an obsession.

How can Belafonte speak of “Uncle Toms,” “greedy capitalists” and the like without cracking under the weight of the irony? Amazing! The man is so anti-capitalist that he apparently doesn’t even have the money to buy a mirror.

Listen to the interview with Belafonte and you can just hear the seething ivory tower leftist anger at those blacks who dared wander off the plantation, and at those whites who allowed them to. The Wizards always get mad at the people who pull back the curtain.

Condi Rice, Colin Powell, along with Clarence Thomas and many others, have only achieved some of the nation’s highest offices and met with the world’s most powerful people. Black conservatives have yet to defiantly break the stereotypical mold like Belafonte did by singin’ and dancin’ for crowds of mostly white people.

Daylight come and me wan’ go laugh.


Harry Belafonte, above, helps shatter black stereotypes by devoting his life to providing musical entertainment for “the man”

Author: Doug Powers

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