U.N.: Decline in AIDS Deaths Leads to Population, Bureaucrat Explosion

Obsessive worriers who get the runs when pondering global overpopulation while at the same time fretting about curing AIDS in third world countries are approaching an interesting quandary. This one might make their heads explode, thus solving the feared “overpopulation” problem.

World population is expected by some to climb to 9.2 billion by the year 2050 — 10 billion if the NBA doesn’t soon discover the miracle of prophylactics.

Here’s why the U.N. is expecting the population in 2050 to be slightly higher than they projected earlier.

From the CBC:

The world’s population is getting a boost from the rising use of anti-retroviral AIDS drugs and a downward prevalence of AIDS in some countries, said Hania Zlotnik, director of the UN’s population division.

Two years ago, when the UN last produced a population report, the UN expected to see 32 million more AIDS deaths by 2050 than it does now.

Well if this doesn’t flip the lids of U.N. officials, nothing will. They’ve been sweating overpopulation for decades, and now the noble cause of preventing death by AIDS looks like it’s actually working, but it’s helping perpetuate the first problem. It’ll be interesting to see which takes precedent. The U.N. will probably form a committee to be appointed by a panel of round-table experts from an as-yet-to-be-announced coalition from a bureau of task forces.

Most of the population increase will take place in third world countries, so you know what that means: Planned Parenthood will have some new outlet malls in Africa and the Middle East.

Canada is expected to have 11 million more people by 2050. I don’t know about you, but I’m investing in puck futures and going heavy on Zamboni, Inc.

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Author: Doug Powers

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