Flag Defecation and Other ClAss Acts By “Peace Protesters”

Is it a slip of the tongue when the media reports about “peace protesters”? I mean, it’s often an accurate description, as sometimes they’re anything but peaceful. As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Statistics Pulled Out of Thin Air has claimed that, for the first time in history, your odds of being beaten up by somebody who’s “anti-war” are greater than being pummeled by somebody who’s “pro-war.”

When those who claim to be anti-war are described as “peace protesters,” this is most likely unintended by the mainstream media. I’m sure they mean to write “war protesters,” but I won’t tell them, since, in an increasing number of instances, they got it right the first time.

Speaking of peace protesters, there was a gathering of same very recently in Seattle, Washington in which something happened that I’d never before heard of, though it most assuredly has occurred before (sometimes I consider myself incredibly lucky for having such a limited acquaintanceship).

For years and years there has been a debate in America over whether or not to ban flag burning, but recently I ran across something that hasn’t been covered. Should there be a ban on defecating on the flag?

This is from an editorial in the Portland Tribune:

If the cause of peace is worth supporting — and we believe it is — then peace protesters must demonstrate the values they promote…

…Perhaps the most disturbing scene of the afternoon, however, involved the man who pulled down his pants in front of women and children and defecated on a burning U.S. flag. This disgusting act actually elicited cheers from some members of the crowd, but we hope that the emotion it produces in the community is one of revulsion.

If there was a “sense of revulsion” in the crowd of 15,000, you would think it would have been reported.

It seems that, at the very least, a burning flag that’s spewing who-knows-how-much greenhouse gas into the air coupled with a leftist methane expulsion would have had the global warming paranoids in the crowd up in arms, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either.

Speaking of burning, at that same anti-restroom rally, an American soldier was burned in effigy. I don’t know how much more “support” the troops can handle, at least not without a good dose of Noxema and a couple truckloads of baby wipes.

Author: Doug Powers

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