The Latest PETA Stunt: Jesus the Vegetarian

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, famous for their crazed public relations campaigns which are designed, rather brilliantly, to use shock and offense to spread their message without having to shell out much advertising money, is at it again.

This time PETA is out to prove that Jesus fed the masses with loaves, tofu and garden salads. Their latest campaign features a vegetarian Last Supper recreation, starring mannequins in the likeness of Paul McCartney, k.d. lang and others aboard a traveling 1955 Silver Streak Airstream trailer fashioned into a veggie diner. It’s coming to an area near you.

From WorldNetDaily:

The vegetarian “disciples” represented in the “Last Supper” include the famed Louisa May Alcott, Kafka, George Bernard Shaw, Cesar Chavez, Susan B. Anthony, Jesus, Alec Walker, Paul McCartney, k.d. lang, Gandhi, Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci, officials said.

On the other side of the trailer are graphic images of animal slaughterhouses, and available at the trailer will be screenings of PETA’s movie, “Meet Your Meat,” narrated by Alec Baldwin.

For the record, there is Biblical evidence and many passages describing Jesus and others as eating meat and consuming dairy. There is even more evidence that Alec Baldwin does the same:


Alec Baldwin does his part for PETA by eating all the animals so the rest of us can’t

Author: Doug Powers

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