The Coming Tsunami Named ‘Fred’

As the collection of announced presidential candidates participate in the campaign-athon designed to see which of them we’re the least sick of by November of ’08, Fred Thompson waits it out — smartly.

Read Thompson’s speech to the Lincoln Club annual dinner and tell me he wouldn’t excite the base. Reagan comparisons are overused and tired, but in this case they’re very valid.

Fred Thompson is like a tsunami that hasn’t reached shore yet. There is a bit of seismic activity, generating an enormous wave of energy that isn’t yet detectable, but it’s there. Right now it’s just ripples on the surface. We’ll see how big that wave is when it nears the shore.

Thompson’s going about it right. By the time he announces, if he does, we’ll be weary of the “regulars.”

Get ready for the big wave to hit in a few months. It’s out there packing a wallop.

In the meantime, “Bill Clinton warns of looming disasters.” I presume he’s referring either to his wife’s election as President of the United States, or to somebody like Fred Thompson out there waiting to wipe out the Democrats in 2008.

Author: Doug Powers

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