Somebody Needs to Check Under the Proper Hood

Roll Call reports the following, which is catching on with the left as “proof” of Republican racism:

On Monday, Rep. Ted Poe took to the House floor to discuss foreign policy matters. To make a point, the Texas Republican invoked the words of Civil War Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest: “Git thar fustest with the mostest.”

The quotation got some floor watchers’ attention pretty quickly. Forrest is a controversial figure who was one of the Klan’s first grand wizards. Although the Civil War hero (if you were a Confederate, that is) ultimately abandoned the Klan for its violent tactics, he continues to kick up dust.

Roll Call says, “What’s worse than quoting the founder of the KKK on the House floor? Quoting him incorrectly.”

And what’s worse than quoting incorrectly the founder of the KKK? Having a former KKK Kleagle as a Democrat leader in the Senate and third in line for the presidency. They always seem to forget about ol’ Robert “Sheets” Byrd, don’t they?

This blog certainly doesn’t remember Bob:

Shouldn’t this (Rep. Poe’s comment) be a bigger deal? Given all of the racial problems of the Republican Party, isn’t it rather scandalous for a Republican lawmaker to rely on the words of the founder of the KKK?

**Note to Rep. Poe: Apparently the Democrats won’t leave you alone until you actually join the KKK.

Author: Doug Powers

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