Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge: U.K.’s Daily Mail Chides Bush Etiquette

nullPresident Bush, hosting the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh, winked at the Queen. Oh the horror! Apparently to some in the British press, this is like offering a veal patty to PETA.

Was Bush’s wink at the Queen poor etiquette or beer goggles? The U.K.’s Daily Mail has been covering the Queen’s visit, and seem to be simply beside themselves that Bush slipped up just a little on the official etiquette. The Queen didn’t seem to mind as much as some other press Brits.

The paper also wondered how Bush, an “unpolished” guy, according to the Mail, would ever be able to pull off a white tie affair, citing the president as somebody more comfortable on a farm than at a dinner party, and who was once caught on tape talking with his mouth full. Conversely, Bill Clinton, a favorite of The Daily Mail, did it right by talking on the phone with somebody else’s mouth full.

If I were Bush, I’d take this criticism as the ultimate compliment coming from people who insist on shoveling money at a family to do absolutely nothing and then relish in kissing their feet. Britain’s Monarchy is a high-brow welfare program, and some Americans find that cowtowing to its recipients to be an odd and uncomfortable turn of events indeed.

This isn’t an insult to England, it’s just a lack of familiarity with the the concept. Please understand, the closest thing we Americans have to somebody who gets tons of money for doing absolutely nothing but going from event to event while making news every day is Paris Hilton — and we appreciate that so much that we just threw her ass in jail.

Hey, at least Bush didn’t call the Queen “toots” — as far as I know.

Author: Doug Powers

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