Nancy Pelosi's Farcical Mother's Day Message

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has written a Mother’s Day message which is running at the Huffington Post.

The woman who has had so many facelifts that I can’t tell if those are teeth or toenails uses the occasion of Mother’s Day as an opportunity to urge mothers to call for an end to the war in Iraq. Pelosi writes that “mothers have always been the peacemakers in our society.” I’m sure those people with mothers who whooped their butts with willow switches when they were unruly kids would like a word with Pelosi. There’s the rub though. Pelosi confuses (or, better put, wants to confuse you with it) “peace” with a lack of willingness to take action.

Actually, mothers have taken integral roles historically in winning wars, which of course only then led to peace and brought the young men and women home sooner. If Rosie the Riveter were around today she’d weld Pelosi’s mouth shut for playing politics in a time of war — something that extends conflicts, lowers troop morale and strengthens enemy resolve. Pelosi’s touchy-feely message is also a Mother’s Day slap in the face to those women who are actually involved in fighting this war.

Then again, this isn’t really about war, or even peace for that matter. It’s about political control, a loathsome ingredient included in virtually every dish served at the Inside-the-Beltway Bar and Grill.

Consider the Democrats’ Iraq withdrawal bill. Pelosi and the Democrats in the House and Senate passed a surrender bill with a timetable for an Iraq pullout. The lives of our young men and women serving overseas are so important that the Democrats held on to the bill for four days so they could present it to the president on the fourth anniversary of his “Mission accomplished” speech. The quest of Pelosi & Company was to embarrass Bush and had little or nothing to do with the troops, as they knew the bill would be vetoed, which it was.

Pelosi also writes, “We will bring an end to this war because the world is not ours alone, but our children’s as well. As the adage goes, we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Isn’t it grand how Democrats will “borrow” anything and everything from our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, their neighbors, clergy, pets and any rodents that may be living under the sink, but when it comes to a war, all of a sudden they’re worried about the inheritance of “the children.” Why?

First and foremost, they don’t care about the world they leave for future generations — they care about their political lives. Democrats are worried about the world our children inherit, but they don’t seem to mind that part of that inheritance might be poverty, a moral compass with a needle that only points to other peoples’ wallets, and a terrorist at every street corner. Democrats worried so incessantly about inheritance can only mean one thing: Within a month there will be a new proposal for another exorbitant inheritance tax.

If Nancy Pelosi and her confiscatory taxing abortion pusher colleagues cared about “the children” they wouldn’t be borrowing so much money from them that an unborn IRS agent is already badgering your unborn great-grandchild for back taxes. Pelosi does however lighten the burden on “the children” by embracing the “right” to kill them in the womb. We might be ruining it for future generations, but thanks to Nancy Pelosi, many of them will never be alive long enough to know it. How much compassion can future generations handle?

Beware of the person who claims to care about children and future generations in one breath, but every other breath brings about actions that are detrimental to children and future generations, be they ridiculous tax rates, abortions, dangerous political games, insane regulations or politically correct tripe that’s ruining the nation. That’s not a mother, Ms. Pelosi, that’s a politician, and you and your message are lost in a sea of doublespeak, hypocrisy and deplorable tactics. In other words, business as usual.

Author: Doug Powers

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