Greenpeace Building "Gore's Ark"

On a slow news day, you can always count on Greenpeace:

The environmental pressure group Greenpeace said on Wednesday that its volunteers were constructing a model of the Biblical Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey to raise public awareness over global warming.

“Greenpeace started to build a Noah’s Ark on the Mount Ararat to point to the threat of the new climate catastrophe,” Andree Bohling, the group’s energy campaigner, told a press conference here.

“Global climate change is the biggest threat to our planet since the times of Noah,” he added. “We are about to face a new flood.”

If it comes down to a choice of getting on a boat with these people for six months, or drowning, I’m going to wear an anvil for a life preserver.

“Gore’s Ark” will be unveiled on May 31st and then is expected to be filled with two of each species of gullible maroon on the planet, ram a Japanese whaling ship, and sink.

Leave it to liberals to try to launch a boat from the top of a mountain. They obviously didn’t learn their lesson after the time they built an airplane in the basement.

Author: Doug Powers

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