Vader and Hobgoblin Beat Cheney

Amnesty International (or, as George W. Bush calls it, “…International”) has the following poll on their website:

Who’s got the worst human rights record?

( ) Vote for Darth Vader
Torture, enslavement of Wookiees, decimation of the Alderaanian civilization.

( ) Vote for Hobgoblin
Attacks on Spiderman, gassing civilian populations, using innocents as human shields.

( ) Vote for Dick Cheney
Torture, black sites, “disappearances,” kangaroo courts, indefinite detention, and more!

Yeah, but who’s the only one with a grandson born to his lesbian daughter? Cheney should win hands-down on the liberal acceptance scale.

By the way, I once knew a lesbian whose nickname was “Hobgoblin.” Don’t ask…

Author: Doug Powers

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