John Edwards and Bumper Stickers

Presidential candidate John Edwards, the first politician to get his hands on booty that does not belong to a waitress or 19-year-old intern, said recently that the war on terror is a “bumper sticker slogan” that Bush has used to justify abuses such as Abu Ghraib and the invasion of Iraq.

I thought glorified slip n fall lawyers like Edwards only paid attention to ambulance bumpers, but apparently he’s watching ours too.

So, the “war on terror” is empty, silly bumper-sticker rhetoric that nevertheless threatens to take away the rights of fellow human beings? In that aspect, it’s not much different than the sticker that says “Edwards for President.”

If there’s a bumper sticker on anybody’s car, it’s Edwards’, which is proudly sporting one that says “How’s my suing?”

Author: Doug Powers

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