Is Jack At It Again? Kevorkian Hugs Mike Wallace in Front of White Van

Jack “Dr. Death” Kevorkian was released from prison, and was immediately greeting with apparent glee by 89-year-old 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace.

At this time, we’re unsure if Wallace is acting in the role of 60 Minutes reporter, or Kevorkian client. Kevorkian will appear on the CBS program on Sunday to talk about how being put down by an old man in the back of his rusty van constitutes “death with dignity.”

Using this definition, other “dignified” ways of dying Kevorkian could employ might include being strapped to Lindsay Lohan’s front bumper after a Beverly Hills post-after-after party, getting bungee-corded inside a highway workers port-o-san and shoved off an overpass, being beaten to death with the latest ratings book (Katie Couric only), or hang-gliding over Serbian wedding celebration.

Author: Doug Powers

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