Monday’s Column: Suicidal Fourth Estate Blabbermouths

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily revolves around the media’s penchant for reporting secrets that could end up detrimental to the United States’ national security and, ironically, the very lives of the free press. In other words, the press is sawing off the same branch they’re sitting on.

Read about it in “Fourth Estate: Suicidal or just stupid?”

Reader mail

Lots of early reactions to today’s column. Here are a couple:

Paul writes:

Mike Wallace, during the Nam War, told an interviewer that if he had knowledge that American troops were heading into an enemy ambush, it was his duty as a reporter not to warn them. No matter what reporters say about ethics, the bottom line is: how can I get a scoop today? If this means watching Americans die, so be it. My byline is what’s important.

I think it’s only fair, Paul, because frankly, if I knew Mike Wallace was heading into an ambush, I wouldn’t warn him, either.

Ben from Virginia says…

You know the days of Hunt-Brinkley are over when Barbara Walters sets down with Rosie O’Donnell to discuss issues of importance. Seems like someone at ABC should be entering a “guilty” or “not guilty” plea in federal court.

Or maybe an “insanity” plea might be more accurate to the occasion.

Jim has some experience in this area:

I enlisted in the Air Force toward the end of the Vietnam War and spent the next 22 years in intelligence. It was amazing to see daily how the media would twist the news to make our enemies look good and America look bad. And they always acted surprised and indignant when they were called on it.

Hap says:

I’ve been waiting for this article. You said what needed to be said and you said it well.

I appreciate it, but actually what needs to be said is a lot harsher than what I wrote.

I’ve received plenty of letters, but still nobody defending the media. I’ll post it if I get one, but don’t hold your breath.

Author: Doug Powers

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